John Stewart o Darnley

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John Stewart
Laird o Aubigny
Airms o John Stewart o Darnley
Predecessor New creaution
Successor John Stewart, 2nt Laird o Aubigny
Teetles an styles
Coont o Évreux
Laird o Concressault
Laird o Aubigny
Born c. 1380
Dee'd 1429
Rouvray-Sainte-Croix, Loiret, Fraunce
Buiried Orléans Cathedral
Noble faimily Stewart o Darnley
Spoose(s) Elizabeth o Lennox
Alan Stewart o Darnley
John Stewart, 2nt Laird o Aubigny
Alexander Stewart
Faither Alexander Stewart o Darnley
Mither possibly a member o the Clan Turnbull

Sir John Stewart o Darnley, 1st Laird o Concressault an 1st Laird o Aubigny, Coont o Évreux (c. 1380 – 1429) wis a Scots nobleman an prominent sodger in the Hunder Years War.