John Panton

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John Panton
Personal information
Full name John Panton
Nickname Gentleman John
Born 9 October 1916(1916-10-09)
Pitlochry, Scotland
Dee'd 24 Julie 2009(2009-07-24) (aged 92)
Windsor, Berkshire, Ingland
Naitionality  Scotland
Childer Catherine, Joan
Turned perfaisional 1935
Umwhile tour(s) European Tour
Perfaisional wins 39
Best results in major championships
Masters Tournament DNP
U.S. Open DNP
The Open Championship 5t/T5: 1956, 1959
PGA Championship DNP
Achievements and awards
Member o the Order
o the Breetish Empire
Harry Vardon Trophy 1951

John Panton, MBE (9 October 1916 – 24 Julie 2009) wis a Scots perfaisional gowfer, that representit Great Breetain three times in the Ryder Cup.[1][2]

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