John Murray o Brochton

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Sir John Murray of Broughton, 7th Baron Stanhope
Broughton Place - - 189405.jpg
Modren Broughton Place; built on site of Murray's birthplace in 1935, based on the original 17th century design
Born10 October 1715(1715-10-10)
Brochton, Peebleshire
Dee'd6 December 1777(1777-12-06) (aged 62)
Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Restin placeEast Finchley Seemetry, Lunnon
Ither namesSecretar Murray
Mr Evidence Murray
Wars an battles1745 Risin
OfficesJacobite Secretar o State 1745 tae 1746
PredecessorSir David Murray (dee'd 1770)
SuccessorSir David Murray (dee'd 1791)
Spoose(s)(1) Margaret Ferguson
(2) Miss Webb
IssueNumerous; includin David (1743-1791), Robert (1745-1793), Lt-General Thomas Murray (ca 1749-1816) Charles Murray (1754-1821)
ParentsSir David Murray (ca 1652-1729)
Margaret Scott

Sir John Murray o Brochton, 7t Baron Stanhope (c. 1715 – 6 December 1777), kent as Murray o Brochton an aw served as Jacobite Secretar o State in chairge o ceevilian admeenistration in the 1745 Risin.