John Graham, 1st Viscoont Dundee

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The Viscoont Dundee
1st Viscount Dundee.jpg
Born 21 Julie 1648(1648-07-21)
Glen Ogilvie, near Glamis, Angus, Scotland
Dee'd 27 Julie 1689(1689-07-27) (aged 41)
Killiecrankie, Perthshire, Scotland
Restin place St Bride's Kirk, Blair Castle, Perthshire, Scotland
Teetle Major-general, Viscoont Dundee
Ither names Bonnie Dundee, Bluidy Clavers
Naitionality Scots
Spoose(s) Lady Jean Cochrane
Parents Sir William Graham, Leddy Madeline Carnegie
Thrift Sodger

John Graham o Claverhouse, 1st Viscoont Dundee (c. 21 Julie 1648 – 27 Julie 1689), kent as the 7t Laird o Claverhouse till raised tae the viscoontcy in 1688, wis a Scots sodger an nobleman, a Tory an an Episcopalian.