John Galt (novelist)

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John Galt
John Galt 7.jpg
Born2 Mey 1779(1779-05-02)
Irvin, Ayrshire, Scotland
Dee'd11 Apryle 1839(1839-04-11) (aged 59)
Greenock, Scotland
ThriftWriter, colonial businessman
Genrepoetry, drama, short stories, traivel writin
Notable warksAnnals of the Parish
The Chronicle of Dalmailing
SpooseElizabeth Tilloch


John Galt (2 Mey 1779 – 11 Apryle 1839) wis a Scots novelist, entrepreneur, an poleetical an social commentator. Acause he wis the first novelist tae deal wi issues o the Industrial Revolution, he haes been cried the first poleetical novelist in the Inglis leid.[1]

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