John Dryden

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John Dryden
John Dryden by John Michael Wright, 1668 (detail), National Portrait Gallery, London.JPG
Born 9 August 1631(1631-08-09)
Aldwincle, Thrapston, Northamptonshire, Ingland
Dee'd 1 Mey 1700(1700-05-01) (aged 68)
Lunnon, Ingland
Thrift poet, leeterary creetic, playwricht, librettist
Alma mater Westminster School
Trinity College, Cambridge
Notable warks Absalom and Achitophel, Mac Flecknoe, The Hind and the Panther

John Dryden (/ˈdrdən/; 19 August [A.S. 9 August] 1631 – 12 May [A.S. 1 May] 1700) wis an Inglis poet, leeterar creetic, translator, an playwricht wha wis made Ingland's first Poet Laureate in 1668.[1]

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