John Comyn, Yerl o Buchan

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John Comyn, 3rd Yerl Buchan
Arms of the Earl of Chester.svg
Coat o airms as Yerl o Buchan.
Personal details
BornBuchan, Aiberdeenshire
Dee'd1308, Ingland

John Comyn, 3rd Yerl o Buchan (dee'd 1308) wis an important member o Clan Comyn in the early 14t century. He wis a chief opponent o Robert the Bruce in the ceevil war that paralleled the War o Scots Unthirldom. He shoud nae be confused wi the better kent John III Comyn, Laird o Badenoch, that wis his cuisin, an wha wis killed bi Bruce in Dumfries in Mairch 1306. Confusion atween the twa men haes affected the study o this period o history.