Prince Johann Karl o Hesse-Homburg

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Prince Johann Karl o Hesse-Homburg
Prince Johann Karl o Hesse-Homburg
Full name
Johann Karl Wilhelm Ernst Ludwig
Born24 August 1706 
Homburg, HRE
Dee'd10 Mey 1728 (aged 22)
Viljandi, Estonie
Noble faimilyHesse (Homburg branch)
Spoose(s)niver mairit
FaitherFried III o Hesse-Homburg
MitherElisabeth Dorothea o Hesse-Darmstadt

Prince Johann Karl o Hesse-Homburg (Johann Karl Wilhelm Ernst Ludwig; 24 August 1706 - 10 Mey 1728) wis a Prince o Hesse-Homburg. He wis a son o Princess Elisabeth Dorothea o Hesse-Darmstadt an her husband, Friedrich III, Landgrave o Hesse-Homburg. His mither wis a dochter o Ludwig VI, Landgrave o Hesse-Darmstadt. Johann Karl followed his brither Ludwig Gruno, Hereditary Prince o Hesse-Homburg intae Roushie services an became captain o the Peobrasensk Brigade an owner othe Narva regiment as his brither's successor. He was chosen bi Peter I o Roushie tae be the husband o his dochter, whs later became Tsarina Elizabeth o Roushie, but the prince died o smawpox aged 22.