John Caird (theologian)

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The Verra Reverend
John Caird
John Caird (theologian).jpg
Born 15 December 1820(1820-12-15)
Died 30 Julie 1898(1898-07-30) (aged 77)
Naitionality Scots
Eddication Greenock Academy
Alma mater Glesga Varsity
Thrift theologian

John Caird FRSE (/kɛərd/; 15 December 1820 – 30 Julie 1898) wis a theologian. He entered the Kirk o Scotland, o that he becam ane o the maist eloquent preachers. He served as the Principal o Glesga Varsity frae 1873 till 1898.

Academic offices
Precedit bi
Thomas Barclay
Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow
1873 to 1898
Succeedit bi
Professor Robert Story