John B. Watson

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John B. Watson
John Broadus Watson.JPG
Born John Broadus Watson
9 Januar 1878(1878-01-09)
Travelers Rest, Sooth Carolina
Died 25 September 1958(1958-09-25) (aged 80)
Woodbury, Connecticut
Naitionality American
Kent for Foondin behaviourism
Methodological behaviourism
Behaviour modification
Scientific career
Fields Psychology
Doctoral advisor J. R. Angell[1]
Other academic advisors John Dewey, H. H. Donaldson, Jacques Loeb
Influences Ivan Pavlov
Edward Thorndike
Influenced Leonard Bloomfield[2]

John Broadus Watson (9 Januar 1878 – 25 September 1958) was an American psychologist that established the psychological schuil o behaviourism. Watson promotit a chynge in psychology throu his address Psychology as the Behaviorist Views it, that wis gien at Columbia Varsity in 1913.[3]

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