Georg Bednorz

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(Reguidit frae Johannes Georg Bednorz)
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Johannes Georg Bednorz
Georg Bednorz 2013b.jpg
Bednorz in 2013
Born (1950-05-16) 16 Mey 1950 (age 69)
Neuenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalie, Germany
Kent forHeich-temperatur superconductivity
AwairdsMarcel Benoist Prize (1986)
Nobel Prize in Pheesics (1987)
Scientific career
Doctoral advisorHeini Gränicher,
K. Alex Müller

Johannes Georg Bednorz (born 16 Mey 1950) is a German pheesicist wha, thegither wi K. Alex Müller, discovered heich-temperatur superconductivity in ceramics, for which thay shared the 1987 Nobel Prize in Pheesics.