Johann Gottfried Galle

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Johann Gottfried Galle
Johann Gottfried Galle
Born Juin 9, 1812
Radis, Germany
Died 10 Julie 1910(1910-07-10) (aged 98)
Potsdam, Germany
Naitionality German
Alma mater Varsity o Berlin
Kent for Discovery o Neptune
Awairds Lalande Prize (1839)
Scientific career
Fields astronomy
Institutions Berlin Observatory
Varsity o Breslau
Signatur Johann Gottfried Galle Signature.svg

Johann Gottfried Galle (9 Juin 1812 – 10 Julie 1910) wis a German astronomer frae Radis, Germany, at the Berlin Observatory who, on 23 September 1846, wi the assistance o student Heinrich Louis d'Arrest, wis the first person tae view the planet Neptune an knaw whit he wis leukin at.