Johann Bernoulli

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Johann Bernoulli
Johann Bernoulli2.jpg
Johann Bernoulli (portrait bi Johann Rudolf Huber, circa 1740)
Born 6 August 1667(1667-08-06)
Basel, Swisserland
Died 1 Januar 1748(1748-01-01) (aged 80)
Basel, Swisserland
Residence Swisserland
Naitionality Swiss
Alma mater Varsity o Basel
(M.D., 1694)
Kent for Development o infinitesimal calculus
Catenary solution
Bernoulli's rule
Bernoulli's identity
Brachistochrone problem
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics
Institutions Varsity o Groningen
Varsity o Basel
Thesis Dissertatio de effervescentia et fermentatione; Dissertatio Inauguralis Physico-Anatomica de Motu Musculorum (On the Mechanics o Effervescence an Fermentation an on the Mechanics o the Muivement o the Muscles) (1694 (1690)[1])
Doctoral advisor Jacob Bernoulli
Other academic advisors Nikolaus Eglinger
Doctoral students Daniel Bernoulli
Leonhard Euler
Johann Samuel König
Pierre Louis Maupertuis
Ither notable students Guillaume de l'Hôpital

Johann Bernoulli (an aw kent as Jean or John; 6 August [A.S. 27 July] 1667 – 1 Januar 1748) wis a Swiss mathematician an wis ane o the mony prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli faimily. He is kent for his contreibutions tae infinitesimal calculus an eddicatin Leonhard Euler in the pupil's youth.

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  1. Published in 1690, submittit in 1694.