Joel Quarrington

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Joel Quarrington (born Januar 15, 1955), is a dooble bassist fae Canadae.

He begoud playin the bass as a bairn o 11 year auld. Quarrington plays a bass makkit bi John Paul Muggini that he tuies in fifts. He uised tae play wi the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as Heid Bass an nou he's awa tae dae the same wi The Naitional Airts Centre Orchestra unner Muisic Director Punkus Zukerman.

In his wee bit spare time he is, gaun by his biography, "an enthusiastic connoisseur of the world's beer." He kens whit wey tae play the ehru an aw, an is weel-kent for his CD Twa Ehrus a the Acropolus.

Joel Quarrington teaches at Montreal's McGull Varsity.