Joe Pesci

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Joe Pesci
Joe Pesci in Februar 2009
Joe Pesci in Februar 2009
Born Joseph Frank Pesci
(1943-02-09) 9 Februar 1943 (age 76)
Newark, New Jersey
Residence Lavallette, New Jersey
Thrift Actor, comedian, sangster, muisicker
Years active 1961–Present (semi-retired)
Hauf-marrae(s) Claudia Haro (m. 1988-1992) divorced
Pairtner(s) Angie Everhart (2007-2008)
Childer 1

Joseph Frank "Joe" Pesci (/ˈpɛʃi/ PESH-ee; Italian: [ˈpeʃʃi]; born Februar 9, 1943) is a semi-retired Italian-American actor, comedian an muisicker, kent for playin tough, volatile chairacters, in a variety o genres. He is best kent for a trio o Martin Scorsese films in which he co-starned wi Robert De Niro: Raging Bull (1980), Goodfellas (1990) an Casino (1995).