Jock Duncan

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Jock Duncan
Gellibrae, New Deer, Aiberdeenshire
Deid25 Mairch 2021(2021-03-25) (aged 95–96)
GenresBothy ballad
Years active1930s–2021

Jock Duncan (1925-2021) wis a Scots sangster frae Gelliebrae, Aiberdeenshire, kent for singin muckle sangs an bothy ballads frae Aiberdeenshire. He haed performed at bothy ballad competitions sin 1975 an makkit recordins o his music sin 1996. Tae gie mense tae his thrift in forderin Scots sang, Duncan wis inductit intae the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame in 2006.[1] In 2000, Duncan wis gien a Herald Angel award frae the Edinburgh Festival for his lang thrift wi ballad singin.[2]

He wis the faither o Gordon an Ian Duncan,[3] baith kenspeckle for pipin,[2] an the husband o Frances Duncan.[3] He lairnt bothy ballads frae his uncle Charlie Duncan.[4] Jock's mither wis a pianist an his sister Marion wis a sangster.[5] Duncan haed aye been pairt o the bothy ballad scene i Scotland, as a sangster and judge. In 2012, whiles judgin the Turra Bothy Ballad competition, he fell in wi Iona Fyfe--nou a kenspeckle sangster hersel that gies that Duncan haes bein a wallie body in hou she sings her sangs.[6]

Ower fifty year, frae the 1930s, Duncan speirt at Scots sodgers that'd focht i Warld War I, recordin aa they coud mind about kintra life i the Noreast o Scotland afore the war. Thir 59 sodgers war maistly Scots speakers an Duncan transcrievit the sodgers' stories i Scots. Efter giein aa his recordins an transcrieves tae the Varsity o Edinburgh, an editit quair Jock's Jocks: Voices of Scottish Soldiers from the First World War wis furthset in 2019.[7] In April 2019, Jock's Jocks wis gart intil an ae-act play an syne a Scots-leid radio programme.[8]

Duncan deet in Mairch 2021, at the age o 95.[9][10]

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

1996: Ye Shine Whaur Ye Stan!
2001: Tae The Green Woods Gaen

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