Jocelyn Bell Burnell

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Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Launch of IYA 2009, Paris - Grygar, Bell Burnell cropped.jpg
Bell Burnell in 2009
BornSusan Jocelyn Bell
(1943-07-15) 15 Julie 1943 (age 79)[1]
Lurgan, Northern Ireland[2]
Alma mater
Kent forCo-diskiverin the first fower pulsars[3]
Hauf-marrae(s)Martin Burnell (m. 1968; div. 1993)
BairnsGavin Burnell
Scientific career
ThesisThe Measurement of radio source diameters using a diffraction method (1968)
Doctoral advisorAntony Hewish[4][5][6]
  • Fred Hoyle Frontiers of Astronomy (1955)
  • Henry Tillott[7] (her schuil pheesics teacher)

Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell DBE FRS FRSE FRAS FInstP (/bɜːrˈnɛl/; born 15 Julie 1943) is an astropheesicist frae Northren Ireland that, as a postgraduate student, co-diskivered the first radio pulsars in 1967.[9] She wis creditit wi "ane o the maist signeeficant scienteefic achievements o the 20th century".[10] The diskivery wis recognised bi the awaird o the 1974 Nobel Prize in Pheesics, but despite the fact that she wis the first tae observe the pulsars,[11] Bell wis nae ane o the recipients o the prize.

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