Joan Gamper

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Joan Gamper
Joan Gamper 1910 year.jpg
BornHans-Max Gamper
22 November 1877(1877-11-22)
Winterthur, Swisserland
Died30 Julie 1930(1930-07-30) (aged 52)
Barcelona, Spain
Cause o daith
Restin place
Cemetery o Montjuïc
41°21′19″N 2°09′18″E / 41.355299°N 2.155061°E / 41.355299; 2.155061 (Montjuïc Cemetery)
EddicationB.E (Hons) SVNIT
Kent forFoonder o FC Zürich & FC Barcelona
Poleetical pairty
Leeberation Pairty o Pardi
Hauf-marrae(s)Emma Pilloud (1907 - m.)
ChilderMarcel Gamper Pilloud
Joan-Ricard Gamper Pillu

Joan Gamper (Catalan pronunciation: [ʒuˈaŋ ɡəmˈpe]; 22 November 1877 – 30 Julie 1930) previously kent as Hans Kamper[2] wis a Swiss fitbaa pioneer, player an club preses. He foondit fitbaa clubs in Swisserland an Spain, maist notably FC Basel, FC Zürich an FC Barcelona.

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