Jingtai Emperor

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Jingtai Emperor
7t Emperor o the Ming dynasty
Ring22 September 1449 – 11 Februar 1457
Coronation22 September 1449
PredecessorZhengtong Emperor
SuccessorTianshun Emperor
Born21 September 1428(1428-09-21)
Dee'd14 Mairch 1457(1457-03-14) (aged 28)
Full name
Faimily name: Zhu (朱)
Gien name: Qiyu (祁鈺)
Era name and dates
Jingtai (景泰): 14 Januar 1450 – 14 Februar 1457
Posthumous name
Emperor Gongren Kangding Jing[1]
Temple name
Ming Daizong [2]
HooseHoose o Zhu
FaitherXuande Emperor
MitherEmpress Dowager Xiaoyi

The Jingtai Emperor (景泰 IPA: [tɕìŋtʰâɪ]) (21 September 1428 – 14 Mairch 1457), born Zhu Qiyu, wis Emperor o Cheenae frae 1449 tae 1457. The seicont son o the Xuande Emperor, he wis selectit in 1449 tae succeed his aulder brither, the Zhengtong Emperor, whan the latter wis capturt bi Mongols follaein the Tumu Creesis.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Demotit tae the princely rank bu his brither, the restored Tianshun Emperor, he received the posthumous name Li ( – "the Rebellious", "the Veeolent") whan he dee'd in 1457; houiver, his neffae, the Chenghua Emperor, restored his imperial teetle in 1476 an changed his posthumous name tae Emperor Gongren Kangding Jing
  2. Wis denied a temple name bi his brither, the restored Tianshun Emperor, but in 1644 the Prince o Fu (福王), the new sel-proclaimed emperor o the Soothren Ming dynasty, conferred on him the temple name Daizong, that is acceptit in maist history beuks, unlik the temple name o the Jianwen Emperor, an aaw conferred bi the Prince o Fu, but nae recordit in maist history books. "Dai" (代) means "proxy", in reference tae the Jingtai Emperor bein a regent emperor anerly, as his brither haed been taken presoner bi the Mongols