Jianwen Emperor

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Jianwen Emperor
Jianwen Emperor.jpg
2nt Emperor o the Ming Empire
Ring 30 Juin 1398 – 13 Julie 1402
Coronation 30 Juin 1398
Predecessor Hongwu Emperor
Successor Yongle Emperor
Born 5 December 1377(1377-12-05)
Dee'd 13 Julie 1402(1402-07-13) (aged 24)?
Full name
Faimily name: Zhu ()
Gien name: Yunwen (允炆)
Era name and dates
Jiànwén (建文): 6 Februar 1399 – 29 Julie 1402[2]
Posthumous name

Emperor Rang (讓皇帝, 1644)[3]

Emperor Hui (惠皇帝, 1736)[4]
Temple name
Huizong (惠宗, 1644)[5]
Hoose Hoose Zhu
Faither Zhu Biao
Mither Empress Dowager Lü

The Jianwen Emperor (Cheenese: 建文帝; pinyin: Jiànwén Dì; 5 December 1377 – 13 Julie 1402?) wis the seicont emperor o the Ming dynasty in Cheenae. His personal name was Zhu Yunwen (朱允炆).

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Supposed tae hae dee'd in the birnin o the Imperial Pailace. Houiver, it is widely believed that he survived an leeved unnergrund for mony mair years as a Buddhist monk.
  2. On 30 Julie 1402 the Jianwen era was offeecially abolished bi the new emperor, an the umwhile Hongwu era wis reestablished till the beginnin o 1403 whan the Yongle era offeecially stairtit.
  3. This name wis providit bi the Prince o Fu, sel-proclaimed emperor o the Soothren Ming dynasty, in 1644. The fou teetle wis "Sìtiān Zhāngdào Chéngyì Yuāngōng Guānwén Yángwǔ Kèrén Dǔxiào Ràng Huángdì" (嗣天章道誠懿淵功觀文揚武克仁篤孝讓皇帝).
  4. This name wis providit bi the Qianlong Emperor o the Qing dynasty in 1736. The full teetle was "Gōngmǐn Huì Huángdì" (恭閔惠皇帝)
  5. This name wis providit bi the Prince o Fu.