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This airticle is aboot the geographical aurie. For the televeesion shaw, see Jersey Shore (TV series). For ither uises, see Jersey Shore (disambiguation).
Ocean City, New Jersey boardwalk in 2006.

The Jersey Shore is the coastal region o the U.S. state o New Jersey. Geographically, the term encompasses aboot 141 miles (227 km)[1] o oceanfront frae Perth Amboy in the north tae Cape May Point in the sooth, borderin the Atlantic Ocean. The Jersey Shore aurie includes Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic, an Cape May coonties. Whilk thare is no defined border atween North Jersey an Sooth Jersey, the Raritan River, Manasquan River or I-195 are aften mentioned as the border, wi maist o the shore region bein locatit in Sooth Jersey.[2] Mony New Jersey residents refer tae it simply as "The Shore",[3] as in tae go "down the shore", or tae hae done something "down the shore".

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