Jensen Interceptor

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Jensen Interceptor
1971 Jensen Interceptor MkII (USA)
  • 1966–76
  • 6,408 produced
DesignerCarrozzeria Touring
Bouk an chassis
ClessGrand Tourer
Body style
LayootFR layoot
RelatitJensen FF
  • 383 cu in (6.3 L) Golden Commando V8 (1966-1971)
  • 440 cu in (7.2 L) TNT V8 (1971-1976)
  • 360 cu in (5.9 L) LA V8 (S4)
Wheelbase105 in (2,667.0 mm)
Lenth186 in (4,724.4 mm)
Weenth69 in (1,752.6 mm)
Hicht53 in (1,346.2 mm)[1]
Crib wecht3,500 lb (1,588 kg)
PredecessorJensen CV8

The Jensen Interceptor wis a sportin GT-cless caur haund-biggit in the Unitit Kinrick bi Jensen Motors atween 1966 an 1976. The Interceptor name haed been uised previously bi Jensen for an earlier caur made atween 1950 an 1957. The caur broke wi Jensen tradeetion bi haein a steel bodyshell instead o glass-reinforced plastic an bi haein the body designed bi an ootside firm, Carrozzeria Touring o Italy, rather than the in-hoose staff. The early bodies wur Italian-biggit, bi Vignale, afore production bi Jensen themselves began – wi subtle body modifications – in Wast Bromwich.

Model history an specifications[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ingine wis a Chrysler V8 initially o 6276 cc (383 c.i.) wi optional manual (Mark I, anly 22 biggit) or TorqueFlite automatic transmissions drivin the rear wheels throu a leemitit slip differential in a conventional Salisbury rear axle. The ingine grew tae 7212 cc (440 c.i.) in late 1971 wi 4-bbl carburation. The SP (Sax-Pack) model o 1971–73 affered 3x2-bbl carburation; ae 232 wur biggit an haed the distinction o bein the maist pouerful caur iver tae hae been made bi Jensen (390 hp (290 kW)).

The Interceptor tuik its stylin cues frae the Brasinca Uirapuru wi a distinctive lairge, curvin wrap-aroond rear windae that doubled as a tailgate. The oreeginal specification includit electric windaes, reclinin front seats, a wid rimmed steerin wheel, radio wi twin speakers, reversin lichts an an electric clock. Pouer steerin wis includit as standard frae September 1968.

The Mark II wis annoonced in October 1969, revised frontal stylin an ventit disc brakes. The Mark III o 1971 haed revised seats, fully-cast alloy wheels plus some ither improvements. The Mark III wis dividit tae G-, H- an J-series, dependin on the production years. The "J" version o Interceptor III wis the maist luxurious Jensen biggit.

Rear view o Interceptor
Jensen Interceptor III Convertible (1974)

The Interceptor wis briefly re-introduced in the 1980s as the Series 4 (S4), as a law-volume 'specialist' motor caur in muckle the same wey Bristol continue tae mercat an manufacture thair caurs. Tho the body remained essentially the same, a newer, sae cawed 'cleaner', ingine wis uised an the interior slichtly re-designed wi the addition o 'sports' front seats as opposed tae the airmchair style o the earlier models.

It wisna tae be, houiver. The then awner sauld up in 1988 tae an ingineerin company believed tae be in a stranger poseetion tae manufacture the caur which lastit till 1993, an thay did commence development wirk on a series 5 (S5) Interceptor till ance again receivers wur cawed in.

Interior o an Interceptor
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