Jemima Blackburn

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Jemima Blackburn
Jemima Blackburn.jpg
Photograph bi Alinari o Florence (1852)
Born1 Mey 1823(1823-05-01)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died9 August 1909(1909-08-09) (aged 86)
Roshven, Moidart, Scotland
Kent forPentin
Notable wirk(s)Birds frae Moidart, Birds frae Naitur
Hauf-marrae(s)Hugh Blackburn mairied 12 Juin 1849, Edinburgh

Jemima Wedderburn Blackburn (1 Mey 1823 – 9 August 1909) wis a Scots penter that's wark gies us an evocative pictur o rural life in 19t-century Scotland.