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Jefferson Davis
Preses o the Confederate States
In office
Februar 22, 1862 – Mey 10, 1865
Proveesional: Februar 18, 1861 – Februar 22, 1862
Vice Preses Alexander Stephens
Precedit bi Poseetion established
Succeedit bi Poseetion abolished
23rd Unitit States Secretar o War
In office
Mairch 7, 1853 – Mairch 4, 1857
Preses Franklin Pierce
Precedit bi Charles Conrad
Succeedit bi John Floyd
Unitit States Senator
frae Mississippi
In office
Mairch 4, 1857 – Januar 21, 1861
Precedit bi Stephen Adams
Succeedit bi Adelbert Ames
(Vacant till 1870)
In office
August 10, 1847 – September 23, 1851
Precedit bi Jesse Speight
Succeedit bi John McRae
Member o the U.S. Hoose o Representatives
frae Mississippi's At-large destrict
In office
December 8, 1845 – Juin 1, 1846
Precedit bi Tilghman Tucker
Succeedit bi Henry Ellett
Personal details
Born Jefferson Finis Davis
3 Juin 1808(1808-06-03)
Christian Coonty, Kentucky
Dee'd 6 December 1889(1889-12-06) (aged 81)
New Orleans, Louisiana
Restin place Hollywood Seemetry,
Richmond, Virginie
Naitionality American
Poleetical pairty Democratic
Spoose(s) Sarah Taylor
(m. 1835; her daith 1835)
Varina Howell
(m. 1845; his daith 1889)
Alma mater Transylvania Varsity
Unitit States Militar Academy
Religion Episcopal
Signatur Cursive signatur in ink
Militar service
Allegiance  Unitit States o Americae
Service/branch Unitit States Airmy
Unitit States Volunteers
Years o service 1825–1835
Rank Union army 1st lt rank insignia.jpg First lieutenant
Union Army colonel rank insignia.png Colonel
Unit First Dragoons
Commands First Mississippi

Indian Wars

Mexican War

Jefferson Finis Davis[1] (Juin 3, 1808 – December 6, 1889) wis an American politeecian wha wis a U.S. Representative an Senator frae Mississippi, the 23rd U.S. Secretar o War, an the Preses o the Confederate States o Americae during the American Ceevil War.

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  1. Davis 1996, p. 6, states: "Thus it was with a touch of humor, leavened by wishful thinking, that the boy born to her on June 3, 1808, found himself endowed with the middle name Finis, testimony to his father's familiarity with Latin and both parents' hope that this baby would be their last." However, Cooper 2000, p. 10, writes: "His parents also gave him a middle name, which by early manhood he dropped completely; only the initial F. survived."; and again Cooper 2000, p. 711n1, writes: "Some have also questioned whether Davis ever had a middle name. He used the initial at West Point, as did his mother in her will. Again, I assume that both would not have invented it. [...] No evidence supports Hudson Strode's claim that the actual middle name was Finis, signaling the final child."