Jeddah Licht

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Jeddah Licht
Jeddah Licht
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LocationJeddah, Saudi Arabie
Coordinates21°28′7.14″N 39°8′58.98″E / 21.4686500°N 39.1497167°E / 21.4686500; 39.1497167Coordinates: 21°28′7.14″N 39°8′58.98″E / 21.4686500°N 39.1497167°E / 21.4686500; 39.1497167
Year first constructit1990[1]
Constructionconcrete an steel
Touer shapecylindrical, carryin a spherical biggin
Merkins / patternwhite
Hicht113 metre (371 ft)
Focal hicht140 metre (460 ft)
Range25 nautical mile (46 km; 29 mi)
Chairactereesticthree white flashes every 20s
Admiralty nummerE6054.5
NGA nummer112-30554
ARLHS nummerSAU-003
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Jeddah Licht is an active lichthoose in Jeddah, Saudi Arabie. Wi a heicht o approximately 113 metre (371 ft) it haes a credible claim tae be the warld's tawest lichthoose.[2]

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