Jebel ech Chambi

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Jebel ech Chambi
Heichest pynt
Elevation1,544 m (5,066 ft) [1]
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Coordinates35°11′00″N 8°39′00″E / 35.18333°N 8.65000°E / 35.18333; 8.65000Coordinates: 35°11′00″N 8°39′00″E / 35.18333°N 8.65000°E / 35.18333; 8.65000
Jebel ech Chambi is locatit in Tunisia
Jebel ech Chambi
Jebel ech Chambi
Location o Jebel ech Chambi in Tunisie

Jebel ech Chambi (Arabic: جبل الشعانبي‎; an aw spelled moont Ash-Sha'nabi) is a moontain peak in Tunisie. It haes an elevation o 1,544 m (5,066 ft), an is the heichest moontain in the kintra.[2] It staunds abuin the ceety o Kasserine in wastren central Tunisie. The summit is coverit bi a pine forest an is pairt o Chambi Naitional Pairk.

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