Jebel Shams

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Jabal Shams
جَبَل شَمْس (in Arabic)
Jebel Shams.jpg
Heichest pynt
Elevation2,997 tae 3,009 m (9,833 tae 9,872 ft)[1]
Prominence2,818 m (9,245 ft) [1]
Ranked 110th
Isolation523 kilometres (325 mi)
LeetinKintra heich point
Coordinates23°14′13″N 57°15′50″E / 23.23694°N 57.26389°E / 23.23694; 57.26389Coordinates: 23°14′13″N 57°15′50″E / 23.23694°N 57.26389°E / 23.23694; 57.26389
TranslationMoontain o Sun (Arabic)
Jabal Shams is locatit in Oman
Jabal Shams
Jabal Shams
Location o Jabal Shams in Oman
Parent rangeAl Hajar Moontain
Easiest route(tae Sooth Summit) W4 route published bi Meenistry o Tourism, Oman (Grade 2 / 3)[2]

Jebel Shams (Arabic: جَبَل شَمْس‎, romanised: Moontain o Sun) is a moontain locatit in northeastren Oman north o Al Hamra toun. It is the heichest moontain of the Hajar range an the kintra,[3] an the third heichest in Arabian Peninsula.Template:Clarification needed The moontain is a popular sichtseein aurie locatit 240 km (150 mi) frae Muscat. In the simmer, temperatur is aroond 20 °C (68 °F)) an in the winter it drops tae less than 0 °C (32 °F). Nearby is Jabal Akhdar, anither prominent peak in the region.

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