Jean de Noailles, Duke o Noailles

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Jean de Noailles
Duke o Noailles
Full name
Jean Louis Paul François de Noailles
Born 26 October 1739
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd 20 October 1824 (aged 80)
Paris, Fraunce
Noble faimily o Noailles
Spoose(s) Henriette d'Aguesseau
Wilhelmie Justine von Mosheim
Anne Jeanne, Viscoontess o Noailles
Marie Adrienne, Marquise o Lafayette
Françoise Antoinette, Marquise o Roure
Anne Pauline Dominique, Marquise o Pouzols
Angélique, Marquise o Grammont
Faither Louis de Noailles
Mither Cathérine de Cossé
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Jean de Noailles, Duke o Noailles (26 October 1739 - 20 October 1824) wis a French nobleman an the father-in law o the Marquis de Lafayette. He wis aa a Scientist. He became the Duke o Ayen in 1766 on his grandfather's death, the the Duke o Noailles on his father's in 1793. Having emigrated in 1792, he lived in Switzerland until the Restoration in 1814, when he took his seat as a peer o Fraunce.His teetles wewre inherited bi his great nephew Paul de Noailles.

First mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mairit to Henriette Anne Louise d'Aguesseau on 25 Februar 1755.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Adrien Paul Louis de Noailles (17 September 1756– 7 September 1757)
  2. Anne Jeanne Baptiste Louise de Noailles (11 November 1758 – 22 Julie 1794), who mairit her cousin the Louis Marc de Noailles, Viscoont o Noailles an haed childer.
  3. Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles (2 November 1759 – 24 December 1807) mairit Gilbert du Motier, Marquis o Lafayette an haed childer.
  4. A daughter (born anf died 11 December 1760)
  5. Françoise Antoinette Louise de Noailles (3 September 1763 – 3 August 1788) mairit Marie François Scipion de Grimoard de Beauvoir du Roure, Marquis o Roure.
  6. Anne Pauline Dominique de Noailles (1766-1839) mairit Joachim de Montagu-Beaune, Marquis o Pouzols.
  7. Angélique Françoise d'Assise Rosalie de Noailles (1767-1833), mairit Alexandre Marie François de Sales Théodule, Marquis o Grammont.
  8. Louis Gabriel de Noailles (1768-1770)

Second mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Widowed in1794, he remairit Elisabeth Wilhelmie Justine von Mosheim (†1824) Coontess Golowkine in 1796. No childer.