Jean Baptiste Colbert, Marquis o Torcy

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Jean Baptiste Colbert
Marquis o Tourcy
Troy - Jean-Baptiste Colbert (1655-1746), marquis de Torcy.jpg
1692 portrait bi Rigaud.
Full name
Jean Baptiste Colbert
Born14 September 1665
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd2 September 1746 (aged 80)
Hôtel de Torcy, Paris, Fraunce
Noble faimilyColbert
FaitherCharles Colbert
MitherFrançoise Béraud
Thriftdiplomat, nobleman
Crown of a Marquis of France (variant).svg
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Jean Baptiste Colbert, Marquis o Torcy (14 September 1665 – 2 September 1746), wis a French nobleman an diplomat, who negotiated some o the most important treaties towards the end of Louis XIV's reign, notably the treaty (1700) that occasioned the War o the Spaingie Succession (1701–1714), in which the dying Keeng Carlos II o Spain named Louis XIV's grandson, Philippe, Duke o Anjou, heir tae the Spaingie throne, eventually founding the line o the Bourbons o Spain. His official portrait wis paintit bi Rigaud. Colbert is commemoratit in the "rue de Torcy", in Paris. He also creatit the hôtel de Torcy in Paris. He wis also a friend o Louise Bénédicte de Bourbon, duchesse du Maine, wife o Louis Auguste de Bourbon, Duke o Maine (an illegitimate son o Louis XIV an Madame de Montespan. The Duchess o Maine creatit him a knicht o the Order o the Skep bee.