Jean Baptiste Colbert, Marquis o Seignelay

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Jean Baptiste Colbert
Marquis o Seignelay
Marc Nattier d'après Claude Lefèbvre, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, marquis de Seignelay (1676).jpg
Colbert bi Nattier after Claude Lefèbvre
Full name
Jean Baptiste Colbert
Born1 November 1651
Dee'd3 November 1690 (aged 39)
location unknown
Spoose(s)Marie Marguerite d’Alègre
Catherine Thérèse Goyon
Jean Baptiste, Marquis o Seignelay
Paul Édouard, Coont o Creuilly
Charles Éléonor, Coont o Seignelay
Théodore, Coont o Ligny
FaitherJean Baptiste Colbert
MitherMarie Charron
Crown of a Marquis of France (variant).svg
Blason Colbert.svg

Jean Baptiste Colbert, Marquis o Seignelay (1 November 1651 – 3 November 1690) wis the eldest son o Jean Baptiste Colbert an wis kent as the Marquis o Seignelay (marquis de Seignelay) he wis an aa a politeecian as well as the Secretaries o State o the Navy an a meenister frae Keeng Louis XIV.

First mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 8 Februar 1678 the Marquis o Seignelay mairit Marie Marguerite d’Alègre but she died in 1678.

Second mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He then remairit on 6 September 1679 tae Catherine Thérèse Goyon (1662-1699 an thay haed childer.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Marie Jean Baptiste Colbert (1683-1712) Marquis o Seignelay, Coont o Tancarville an o Gournay.
  2. Paul Édouard Colbert (1686-1756) Coont o Creuilly.
  3. Louis Henri Charles Colbert (†1705)
  4. Charles Éléonor Colbert (1689-1747) Coont o Seignelay.
  5. Théodore Alexandre Colbert (1690-1695) Coont o Ligny.