Jean Armand de Maillé, Marquis o Brézé

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Jean Armand de Maillé
Marquis o Brézé
the Marquis o Brézé (Versailles)
Full name
Jean Armand de Maillé
Born18 October 1619
Milly le Meugon, Fraunce
Dee'd14 Juin 1646 (aged 27)
Battle o Orbetello
Spoose(s)niver mairit
nae issue
FaitherUrbain de Maillé, Marquis o Brézé
MitherNicole du Plessis
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Jean Armand de Maillé, Marquis o Brézé (18 October 1619 – 14 Juin 1646) wis a French nobleman an admiral. He wis also the Duke o Fronsac (at his daith, the title would pass tae his siter The Princess o Condé. He is a member o the hoose o Maillé.

Faimilie[eedit | eedit soorce]

His faither wis Urbain de Maillé, Marquis o Brézé, Marshal o Fraunce, his uncle wis Cardinal Richelieu, King Louis XIII's meenister, and his brither-in-law, Louis de Bourbon, Prince o Condé (better known as the Le Grand Condé)