Jean-François Millet

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Jean-François Millet
Jean-François Millet by Nadar, Metropolitan Museum copy.jpg
Portrait o Millet bi Nadar. Date unkent.
BornJean-François Millet
4 October 1814(1814-10-04)
Gruchy, Gréville-Hague, Normandy
Died20 Januar 1875(1875-01-20) (aged 60)
Kent forPentin

Jean-François Millet (French: [milɛ]; 4 October 1814 – 20 Januar 1875) wis a French airtist an ane o the foonders o the Barbizon schuil in rural Fraunce. Millet is notit for his pentins o paisant fermers an can be categorised as pairt o the Realism airt muivement.