Jean-François Champollion

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Jean-François Champollion
Leon Cogniet - Jean-Francois Champollion.jpg
Jean-François Champollion, bi Léon Cogniet
Born 23 December 1790
Figeac, Lot
Died 4 Mairch 1832(1832-03-04) (aged 41)
Ceetizenship French
Fields Egyptian hieroglyphs
Kent for Decipherment o Egyptian hieroglyphs, Rosetta Stane

Jean-François Champollion (a.k.a. Champollion le jeune; 23 December 1790 – 4 Mairch 1832) wis a French scholar, filologist an orientalist, kent primarily as the decipherer o the Egyptian hieroglyphs an a foondin figur in the field o egyptology.