Jaroslav Hašek

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Jaroslav Hašek
Jaroslav Hašek.gif
Jaroslav Hašek in his late years
Born30 Apryle 1883(1883-04-30)
Prague, Austrick-Hungary
Dee'd3 Januar 1923(1923-01-03) (aged 39)
Lipnice nad Sázavou, Czechoslovakie
ThriftNovelist, humorist
Genrehistorical satire
Notable warksThe Good Soldier Švejk


Jaroslav Hašek (Czech: [ˈjaroslaf ˈɦaʃɛk]; Aprile 30, 1883 – Januar 3, 1923) wis a Czech writer, humourist, satirist, jurnalist, bohemian an anarchist. He is best kent for his novelle The Guid Sodger Švejk, an unfinished collection o farcical incidents aboot a sodger in Warld War I an a satire on the ineptitude o authority figurs. The novelle haes been translatit intae aboot saxty leids, makin it the maist translatit novelle in Czech leeteratur.