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Jardinópolis, São Paulo

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Coordinates: 21°01′04″S 47°45′50″W / 21.01778°S 47.76389°W / -21.01778; -47.76389 Jardinópolis is a toun wi approximately 40,000 indwallers an a municipality wi 504.88 km² locatit in the state o São Paulo, Brazil, in the ootskirts o Ribeirão Preto. It is 590 m abuin the sea level. Jardinópolis is kent as a important distribution centre o mango in Brazil. The toun hosts the "Festa do Senhor Bom Jesus da Lapa" (The Kynd Hertit Jesus o Lapa's celebration) releegious event, which taks place ivery year atween Julie 27 an August 6.