Japanese general election, 2012

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Japanese general election, 2012

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Aw 480 seats tae the Hoose o Representatives o Japan
241 seats needit for a majority
Leader Shinzō Abe Yoshihiko Noda Shintaro Ishihara
Pairty Liberal Democratic Democratic Restoration
Popular vote 25,643,309 (destrict)
16,624,457 (block)
13,598,773 (destrict)
9,268,653 (block)
6,942,353 (destrict)
12,262,228 (block)
Percentage 43.01% (destrict)
27.79% (block)
22.81% (destrict)
15.49% (block)
11.64% (destrict)
20.5% (block)

Leader Natsuo Yamaguchi Yoshimi Watanabe Yukiko Kada
Pairty New Kōmeitō Your The Morra
Popular vote 885,881 (destrict)
7,116,474 (block)
2,807,244 (destrict)
5,245,586 (block)
2,992,365 (destrict)
3,423,915 (block)
Percentage 1.49% (destrict)
11.9% (block)
4.71% (destrict)
8.77% (block)
5.02% (destrict)
5.72% (block)

Leader Kazuo Shii Mizuho Fukushima Shozaburo Jimi
Pairty Communist Social Democratic Fowk's New
Popular vote 4,700,289 (destrict)
3,689,159 (block)
451,762 (destrict)
1,420,790 (block)
117,185 (destrict)
70,847 (block)
Percentage 7.88% (destrict)
6.17% (block)
0.76% (destrict)
2.38% (block)
0.2% (destrict)
0.12% (block)

destricts an PR destricts wan bi respective pairties

Prime Meenister afore election

Yoshihiko Noda

Electit Prime Meenister

Shinzo Abe
Liberal Democratic

A general election wis held in Japan on 16 December 2012. Voters gae the Liberal Democratic Pairty a landslide victory, ejectin the Democratic Pairty o Japan frae pouer efter three years. It wis the fowert worst defeat suffered bi a rulin pairty in Japanese history.

Votin teuk place in aw representatives' constituencies o Japan includin proportional blocks, in order tae appynt Members o Diet tae seats in the Hoose o Representatives, the lawer hoose o the Naitional Diet o Japan. This wis the 46t general election o members o the Hoose o Representatives (第46回衆議院議員総選挙, dai-yonjūrokkai Shūgiin giin sōsenkyo) in Japan syne 1869.

In Julie 2012 it wis reportit that the deputy prime meenister Katsuya Okada haed approached the Liberal Democratic Pairty tae soond them oot aboot dissolvin the hoose o representatives an hauldin the election in Januar 2013.[2] An agreement wis reached in August tae dissolve the Diet an hauld early elections "shortly" follaein the passage o a bill tae raise the naitional consumption tax.[3] It wis reportit that as the result o introducin the consumption tax tae repay the Japan public debt,[4][5][6][7][8] the DPJ lost aroond 75% o its pre-election seats.[9][10]

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