Jan Tinbergen

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Jan Tinbergen
Jan Tinbergen 1982.jpg
Jan Tinbergen in 1982
Born Aprile 12, 1903(1903-04-12)
The Hague
Died Juin 9, 1994(1994-06-09) (aged 91)
The Hague
Naitionality Netherlands
Fields Economics
Institutions Erasmus Varsity
Alma mater Leiden Varsity
Doctoral advisor Paul Ehrenfest
Doctoral students Tjalling Koopmans
Kent for First naitional macroeconomic model
Influences Oskar R. Lange
Notable awairds Nobel Memorial Prize
in Economic Sciences

Jan Tinbergen (Aprile 12, 1903 – Juin 9, 1994) wis a Dutch economist. He wis awairdit the first Bank o Swaden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory o Alfred Nobel in 1969, which he shared wi Ragnar Frisch for havin developed an applied dynamic models for the analysis o economic processes. Tinbergen wis a foondin trustee o Economists for Peace an Security.