James Steuart (economist)

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James Steuart
Sir James Denham Steuart. 1713-1780.gif
Born8 October 1707(1707-10-08)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died26 November 1780(1780-11-26) (aged 67)
Coltness, Lanrikshire
Hauf-marrae(s)Leddy Frances Wemyss
ChilderSir James Steuart Denham
ParentsSir James Steuart
Anne Dalrymple
RelativesSir James Stewart (grandfaither)
Laird North Berwick (grandfaither)
Yerl o Wemyss (faither-in-law)

Sir James Steuart, 3rd Baronet o Goodtrees an eventually 7t Baronet o Coltness; late in life Sir James Steuart Denham, an aa cried Sir James Denham Steuart (8 October 1707, Edinburgh – 26 November 1780, Coltness, Lanrikshire) wis a prominent Scots Jacobite an author o "probably the first seestematic treatise written in Inglis aboot economics"[1] an the first beuk in Inglis wi 'political economy' in the teetle.[2][3][4]

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