James Ramsay, 17t Yerl o Dawhoosie

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The Earl of Dalhousie
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BornJames Hubert Ramsay
(1948-01-17) 17 Januar 1948 (age 72)
TeetleLaird Ramsay (1950-1999)
Ither teetlesChief o Clan Ramsay
ResidenceBrechin Castle, Angus, Scotland
OfficesLaird Stewart o the Hoosehaud
Depute Lieutenant o Angus
Predecessor16t Yerl o Dawhoosie
HeirSimon Ramsay, Laird Ramsay
Spoose(s)Marilyn Ramsay, Coontess o Dawhoosie
ParentsSimon Ramsay, 16t Yerl o Dawhoosie
Margaret Stirling

James Hubert Ramsay, 17t Yerl o Dawhoosie, DL (born 17 Januar 1948), styled Laird Ramsay atween 1950 an 1999, is a Breetish laund-awner.[1][2]

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