James IV o Scotland

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James IV
James IV of Scotland.jpg
Keeng o Scotland
Ring 11 Juin 1488 – 9 September 1513
Coronation 24 Juin 1488
Predecessor James III
Successor James V
Born 17 Mairch 1473(1473-03-17)
Stirlin Castle, Stirlin, Scotland
Dee'd 9 September 1513(1513-09-09) (aged 40)
Battle o Flodden, Northumberland, Ingland
Spouse Margaret Tudor
James V
Hoose Stewart
Faither James III o Scots
Mither Margaret o Denmark
Releegion Roman Catholic

James IV (17 Mairch 1473 – 9 September 1513) wis the Keeng o Scotland frae 11 Juin 1488 tae his daith. He assumed the throne follaein the daith o his faither, James III, efter the Battle o Sauchieburn, a rebellion in which the younger James played an indirect role. He is generally regairdit as the maist successfu o the Stewart monarchs o Scotland, but his reign endit in a disastrous defeat at the Battle o Flodden, whaur he acame the last monarch nae anerly frae Scotland, but frae aw o Great Breetain, tae be killed in battle.