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Sir James Hector
James Hector 1900.jpg
Born 16 Mairch 1834(1834-03-16)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died 6 November 1907(1907-11-06) (aged 73)
Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Naitionality Scots
Thrift Geologist, naituralist, surgeon
Kent for Palliser's expedeetion, New Zealand Geological Survey
Hauf-marrae(s) Maria Georgiana Monro
Childer Barclay, Charles Monro, Constance Margaret, David Carmichael, Douglas, Lyell, Georgina, and Marjorie
Relatives David Monro (faither-in-law), Charles Monro (brither-in-law)
Awairds Lyell Medal (1877)
Clarke Medal (1887)

Sir James Hector KCMG FRS FRSE(16 Mairch 1834 – 6 November 1907) wis a Scots geologist, naituralist, an surgeon that accompanied the Palliser Expedeetion as a surgeon an geologist.[1] He went on tae hae a lenthy career as a govrenment employed man o science in New Zealand, an in this period he dominatit the Colony's scienteefic institutions in a wey that na single man haes syne.

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