James Erskine, Laird Grange

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James Erskine (circa 1750)

James Erskine, Lord Grange (1679 – 20 Januar 1754) wis a Scots advocate, juidge an politeecian. He served as Laird Juistice Clark an a Laird o Juisticiar.

Pairlament o Great Breetain
Precedit bi
John Middleton
Member o Pairlament for Aberdeen Burghs
Succeedit bi
John Middleton
Precedit bi
Sir John Shaw
(until 1727)
Member o Pairlament for

Succeedit bi
Thomas Erskine
(from 1747)
Precedit bi
Peter Halkett
Member o Pairlament for Stirling Burghs
Succeedit bi
George Haldane
Legal offices
Precedit bi
Lord Ormiston
Laird Juistice Clark
Succeedit bi
Laird Ormiston