James Braid (surgeon)

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James Braid
James Braid, portrait.jpg
James Braid
Born 19 Juin 1795(1795-06-19)
Portmoak, Kinross-shire, Scotland
Died 25 Mairch 1860(1860-03-25) (aged 64)
Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, Ingland
Naitionality Scotland
Alma mater Varsity o Edinburgh
Kent for surgery, hypnotism
Scientific career
Fields medicine, naitural history
Institutions Ryal College o Surgeons ofEdinburgh,
Wernerian Natural History Society
Influences Thomas Brown, Charles Lafontaine
Influenced Étienne Eugène Azam, Pierre Paul Broca,
Joseph Pierre Durand de Gros,
Ambroise-Auguste Liébeault,
John Milne Bramwell

James Braid (19 Juin 1795 – 25 Mairch 1860) wis a Scots surgeon an "gentleman scientist". He wis a signeeficant innovator in the treatment o club-fit an an important an influential pioneer o hypnotism an hypnotherapy.