James, son o Alphaeus

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James, son o Alphaeus
Statue o St James at the Kirk o the Mafra Palace, Portugal
Bornc. 1st century BC
Galilee, Judaea, Roman Empire
Dee'dc. 62 AD
Jerusalem, Judaea, Roman Empire or Aegyptus (Egyp)
Veneratit inRoman Catholic Kirk, Anglican Communion, Eastren Orthodox Kirk
Feast1 Mey (Anglican Communion),
Mey 3 (Roman Catholic Kirk),
9 October (Eastren Orthodox Kirk)
Attributescarpenter's saw; fuller's club; beuk
Patronageapothecaries; druggists; deein fowk; Frascati, Italy; fullers; milliners; Monterotondo, Italy; pharmacists; Uruguay[1]

James, son o Alphaeus (Ἰάκωβος, Iakōbos in Greek; Ebreu: יעקב בן חלפי‎‎ Ya'akov ben Halfay) wis ane o the Twal Apostles o Jesus, appearin unner this name in aw three o the Synoptic Gospels' leets o the apostles. He is eften identifee'd wi James the Less (Greek Iakōbos ho mikros, Ἰάκωβος ὁ μίκρος Mark 15:40) an commonly kent bi that name in kirk tradeetion. He is an aa labelled "the minor", "the little", "the lesser", or "the younger", accordin tae translation. He is distinct frae James, son o Zebedee an in some interpretations an aa frae James, brither o Jesus (James the Juist).[2] He appears anly fower times in the New Testament, each time in a leet o the twal apostles.[3]

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