Jacques I, Prince o Monaco

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Jacques I
Jacques I, Prince of Monaco.jpg
Portrait bi Nicolas de Largillière.
Prince o Monaco
Ring29 December 1731 –
7 November 1733
PredecessorLouise Hippolyte o Monaco
SuccessorHonoré III
Prince consort o Monaco
Ring20 Februar – 29 December 1731
Born21 November 1689(1689-11-21)
Torigni-sur-Vire, Normandy, Fraunce
Dee'd23 Apryle 1751(1751-04-23) (aged 61)
Hôtel Matignon, Paris, Fraunce
SpouseLouise Hippolyte, Princess o Monaco
IssueAntoine, Marquis o Baux
Charlotte, Nun at the Convent o Visitation, Paris
Prince Honoré III
Charles, Coont o Carladés
François, Coont o Thorigny
Charles Maurice, Coont o Valentinois
Françoise, Mademoiselle d'Estouteville
Full name
Jacques François Léonor Goyon
FaitherJacques Goyon, Coont o Matignon
MitherCharlotte, Coontess o Thorigny

Jacques I, Prince o Monaco (Jacques François Léonor; 21 November 1689 – 23 Aprile 1751) wis Coont o Thorigny, Prince o Monaco as Jacques I, an the fowert Duke of Valentinois frae 1731 until 1733. He wis creatit a knicht o the Order o the Haly Spirit bi Louis XV in 1724.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Antoine Charles Marie Grimaldi (16 December 1717 – 4 Februar 1718), Marquis o Baux an Coont o Matignon.
  2. Charlotte Thérèse Nathalie Grimaldi (19 Mairch 1719 – 1790), nun at the Convent o Visitation at Paris.
  3. Honoré Grimaldi (10 November 1720 – 21 Mairch 1795), successor o his parents.
  4. Charles Marie Auguste Grimaldi (1 Januar 1722 – 24 August 1749), Coont o Carladés an o Matignon.
  5. Jacques Grimaldi (9 Juin 1723 – Juin 1723) died young.
  6. Louise Françoise Grimaldi (15 Julie 1724 – 15 September 1729), Mademoiselle des Baux.
  7. François Charles Grimaldi (4 Februar 1726 – 9 December 1743), Coont o Thorigny.
  8. Charles Maurice Grimaldi (14 May 1727 – 18 Januar 1798) mairit Marie Christine de Rouvroy; nae childer.
  9. Marie Françoise Thérése Grimaldi (20 Julie 1728 – 20 Juin 1743), Mademoiselle d'Estouteville died o smallpox unmairit.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1715-1725 His Highness The Duke o Valentinois, Peer o Fraunce.
  • 1725-1731 His Highness Duke o Valentinois, Peer o Fraunce, Coont o Torigni (or Thorigny), Lord o Matignon, Baron o Saint-Lô, Baron o La Luthumière, Baron o Hambye an Duke o Estouteville ; Governor o îles Chausey.
  • 1731-1733 His Serene Highness The Prince o Monaco, Duke o Valentinois, Peer o Fraunce, Coont o Torigni, etc.
  • 1733-1751 His Serene Highness The Prince Jacques o Monaco, Duke o Valentinois, Peer o Fraunce, Coont o Torigni, etc.

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