Jacques Henri o Lorraine, Prince o Luxin

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Jacques Henri o Lorraine
Prince o Luxin
Portrait of Jacques Henri of Lorraine, Prince of Lixin by a member of the French School.jpg
Portrait o the Prince of Lixin bi a member o the French School.
Full name
Jacques Henri de Lorraine
Born24 Mairch 1698
Dee'd2 Juin 1734 (aged 37)
Philippsburg, Germany
Spoose(s)Anne Marguerite de Beauveau
FaitherCharles o Lorraine, Coont o Marsan
MitherThérèse Goyon
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Lorraine Arms 1538.svg

Jacques Henri o Lorraine, Prince o Luxin (24 Mairch 1698 - 2 Juin 1734) wis a french nobleman an member o the Hoose o Lorraine. He died at the Siege o Philippsburg in 1734. He wis a son o Charles o Lorraine, Coont o Marsan an his wife Thérèse Goyon.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He mairit Anne Marguerite Gabrielle de Beauveau in 1721. She wis a dochter o Marc de Beauvau, Prince o Craon, an sister o Charles Juste de Beauvau, Prince o Craon an Ferdinand Jerôme de Beauvau, Marquis o Haroué as well as an aunt o Marc Étienne de Beauvau, Prince o Beauvau. They haed nae issue.

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