Jacopo Peri

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Jacopo Peri
Jacopo Peri 1.jpg
Jacopo Peri
Born20 August 1561(1561-08-20)
Roum, Italy
Died12 August 1633(1633-08-12) (aged 71)
Florence, Italy
ThriftItalian componer an sangster

Jacopo Peri (Zazzerino) (20 August 1561 – 12 August 1633) wis an Italian componer an sangster o the transeetional period atween the Renaissance an Baroque styles, an is eften cried the inventor o opera. He wrote the first wirk tae be cried an opera the day, Dafne (aroond 1597), an an aa the first opera tae hae survived tea the present day, Euridice (1600).