Jacobite risin o 1715

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The Jacobite Risin o 1715
Part of Jacobite risins
Prince James Francis Edward Stuart by Alexis Simon Belle.jpg
James Francis Edward Stuart
Date 1715–1716
Location Great Breetain
Result Decisive Hanoverian-Breetish Victory
Kinrick o Fraunce Kinrick o Fraunce
 Great Breetain
Commanders an leaders

John Erskine, 6t Yerl o Mar

Brigadier General William Mackintosh, Laird o Borlum
John Campbell, 2nt Duke o Argyll

The Jacobite risin o 1715 (Scots Gaelic: Bliadhna Sheumais [ˈbliən̪ˠə ˈheːmɪʃ]) (an aa referred tae as the Fifteen or Laird Mar's Revolt), wis the attempt bi James Francis Edward Stuart (an aa cried the Auld Pretender) tae regain the thrones o Ingland, Ireland an Scotland for the exiled Hoose o Stuart.