Jackson Pollock

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Jackson Pollock
File:Namuth - Pollock.jpg
Photographer Hans Namuth extensively documentit Pollock's unique pentin techniques.
BornPaul Jackson Pollock
28 Januar 1912(1912-01-28)
Cody, Wyoming, Unitit States
Died11 August 1956(1956-08-11) (aged 44)
Springs, New York, U.S.
EddicationAirt Students League o New York
Kent forPenter
MuivementAbstract expressionism
Patron(s)Peggy Guggenheim

Paul Jackson Pollock (Januar 28, 1912 – August 11, 1956), kent as Jackson Pollock, wis an influential American penter an a major figur in the abstract expressionist movement.

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