Jack White (gowfer)

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Jack White
Personal information
Full name John White
Nickname Jack
Born 15 August 1873(1873-08-15)
Pefferside, Whitekirk. Scotland
Dee'd 24 Mairch 1949(1949-03-24) (aged 75)
Musselburgh, Scotland
Naitionality  Scotland
Status Perfaisional
Perfaisional wins 1
Best results in major championships
(wins: 1)
Masters Tournament DNP
U.S. Open WD: 1929
The Open Championship Wan: 1904
PGA Championship DNP

John "Jack" White (15 August 1873 – 24 Mairch 1949) wis a Scots perfaisional gowfer. He postit sax tap-10 finishes in the Open Championship, includin a veectory in 1904.